In nearly 40 years, Almarai has grown into the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy operator with a distinctive infrastructure mix that incorporates world-class farms, production operations and distribution systems. Its brand is synonymous to dairy products of the highest quality. Since 2007, Almarai has broadened its offering to fruit juice, bakery, poultry products and infant nutrition.

Featured in National Geographic’s program 'Megafactories', Almarai became famously known for its “super farms” and large centralized state-of-the-art processing plants. Almarai Holstein cows produce almost double the amount of milk of the European cows. Its own distribution network, with an impressive fleet of 4,000 vehicles, covers more than 190 million kilometres to deliver products to 89 sales depots and 48,000 customers across six GCC states.


Founded both in the late 70s, SABIC and Almarai have shared a vision that remains to this day: to become the preferred brand in their industries, thriving on quality, safety, innovation and reliability. Packaging is an essential component of fast moving consumer goods, especially when it comes to food. Packaging technologies have played a crucial role in improving hygiene standards, shelf life and long-lasting properties of nutritional components.

Through material science, application technology and reliability of compliant high-quality polymers, SABIC has been a strong enabler to the innovation needs of Almarai’s packaging, resulting into safe and nutritious products for their consumers as well as less food waste.