Simona Talks Chemistry

SIMONA is a manufacturer of thermoplastic products, with an impressive portfolio of more than 35,000 items. Its portfolio scope encompasses semi-finished products, pipes and fittings as well as finished parts. Founded 150 years ago, SIMONA prides itself for its ability to develop customized solutions tailored to the requirements of virtually any application imaginable.

SIMONA pipes and fittings are mainly deployed within the utility & waste disposal industry and in landfill engineering. Their piping systems are in demand as solutions for cutting-edge industrial applications.

The relationship with SABIC

Thanks to SABIC’s efficient and reliable supply chain capabilities in combination with innovative material science, SABIC has been a strategic value chain partner to SIMONA to their portfolio of pipes and fittings for over 25 years. A fruit of their close cooperation has resulted in the development of new PP and PE grades including a customized grade of a polyolefin with crack-resistant properties. For the pipe segment, such achievements have been key to power SIMONA’s competitive advantage in Europe and instrumental to their growth plans globally.