Sekisui Alveo Talks Chemistry

A European market leader in the field of polyolefin foams, Sekisui Alveo products are used in the manufacture of consumer and industrial goods, in building construction, in the automobile industry, and in a wide variety of applications requiring adhesive coating. They are considered the most innovative foam producer in their industry, offering via E-beam crosslinking technology. Sekisui Alveo prides itself not only for their innovation capabilities but also for their collaborative culture.

Sekisui Alveo was founded in 1971 and has been wholly owned by Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. (Japan) since 1973. They have extensive capacities for material & application testing and product development in their Application Service Laboratory in Lucerne, Switzerland and benefit from Sekisui Group’s global production footprint in Australia, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the USA.

The relationship with SABIC

For more than 20 years SABIC has been collaborating with Sekisui Alveo as a strategic supplier in the development of unprecedented solutions in foam technology. Such technologies have opened the doors for both companies to new market developments in consumer and industrial products, automotive and building & construction.