Nolan Talks Chemistry

Founded in 1972 by the entrepreneur Lander Nocchi, NOLAN is a renowned motorcycle helmet manufacturer. Fully designed, engineered, produced in Italy, NOLAN is the preferred brand of famous racers in the international circuit.

The company leads this market niche through sophisticated designs, paired with a highly skilled staff in moulding technologies, robust product guarantee and strict safety certifications.

The relationship with SABIC

The collaboration between NOLAN and SABIC started in its founding year when Lander Nocchi, a businessman in the motorbike and car accessories sector, decided to produce motorcycle helmets that could be lighter and more affordable.

Lander purchased LEXAN™ resin, a polycarbonate that was light, tough and versatile to produce helmets. Along these 44 years, through close collaboration in technical expertise and material science, SABIC has developed new Polycarbonate compounds that enabled NOLAN to develop cutting-edge design for their helmets while meeting the highest quality standards in order to outperform demanding safety regulations.