Futamura Talks Chemistry

Founded shortly after the Second World War, Futamura Chemical’s mission is to continuously produce better products and contribute to their homeland, Japan, and the quality of living of its society. They do this by committing to be reliable to their customers - from quality consistency to the delivery of their products.

The constant pursue of quality has made Futamura a leading manufacturer of plastic films in Japan in the past 65 years. Their portfolio consists of Polypropylene film, Polyester film, Cellulose film, Nonwoven fabric, Fibrous casing, Activated carbon and Phenolic Laminated Sheets.


Futamura Chemical has been working with SABIC for over a decade. Considered as a reliable global supplier to Futamura, SABIC supplies PP for their flexible packaging. The relationship between SABIC and Futamura continues to expand into new products like LL (Nexlene), PET and PP. This broader offering helps Futamura to diversify their product portfolio and enter in new markets in Asia.